* Astra Natural Healing is the Rehabilitation Center of Alternative Medicine established in May 1999 to treat cerebral palsy, perinatal encephalopathy, motor disorders, developmental delays and autism. We also provide complementary management of bronchial asthma, pneumonia, and allergies and practice a successful naturopathic approach to treating patients with arthritis, hypertension, and depression.

Our center runs a special Early Intervention Program aimed at treating children at the onset of their symptoms and a Development Acceleration Program for healthy infants.

Our innovative approach was developed over more than 20 years of practicing in Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, Sweden, and the USA and comprises the following methodologies:

• Body-based therapies such as specialized BEST (bio-energetic system therapy) massage, reflexology and hydrotherapy;
• Energy therapies such as magnetic therapy, therapeutic touch, polarity therapy, acupressure, and DENS-therapy;
• Biological-based therapies such as herbal medicines and homeopathy.



Our approach is unique and effective not only because it combines different treatment methods that complement and reinforce each other, but also because we create an individual therapy mix catered to each patient’s needs.

Our proprietary BEST massage is the cornerstone of our healing method.

What is BEST?

Our primary technique – BEST massage is a complex multilateral system therapy. Each BEST massage move incorporates multiple massage techniques which gives us an ability to achieve:

• better developmental improvement results
• better psycho-motor acceleration results
• reduction and/or elimination of spasticity
• relaxation, flexibility and full range of motion of the patient’s hands and feet
• active involvement of a patient in a healing process
• pain relief
• reduction of acid reflux and vesicoureteral reflux
• better improvement of respiration, skin condition and blood circulation
• immunity boost

Why Does it Work?

Cerebral palsy and developmental delay of any origin are usually caused by prenatal, perinatal, or postnatal damage of the child’s brain. However, since the infant’s brain is immature and still developing, it is possible to successfully stimulate its development by applying BEST massage and other complementary techniques.

The latest research has revealed on a cellular level that even after one massage session, the body starts responding to massage therapy. The post-massage blood and muscle tissue tests demonstrated an increase in a gene responsible for mitochondria development. The mitochondria are known for cell growth and energy production.

BEST massage shows even better results than classic massage because instead of applying one massage technique, we apply several specialized massage techniques developed around the world from the therapeutic massage to craniosacral therapy, from reflexology to acupressure. Specifically,

• We apply direct mechanical action to the muscles, tendons, and other soft tissues, to blood and lymph vessel walls to improve internal organ’s functions, blood and lymph circulation, relieve pain, and increase range of motion;

• We also apply indirect reflex action to reflex points and zones on the feet and hands. Those reflex points and zones are related to every organ in the body and stimulating them relieves tension, improves blood supply to certain parts of the body, and helps to normalize body functions;

• Using special BEST techniques and exercises such as facial acupressure massage, therapist-assisted somersault (rolling), and Bio-energetic Pinch Effect (BEPE) massage we affect brain chemistry and increase the production of neurohormones:

o a hormone of intuition and inspiration – dopamine. Low levels of dopamine can result in clumsiness, inability to focus and a lack of motor control. BEST massage increases the available levels of dopamine and helps improve psycho-motor development, mobility and flexibility in children with cerebral palsy and developmental delays;

o a hormone of emotions – serotonin. Increasing serotonin BEST massage helps to regulate mood, promotes calming effect, reduces irritability and accelerates children’s psycho-motor development;

o a hormone of alertness – epinephrine. When we increase its production, we achieve developmental improvement. When we hinder its production, we accomplish a feeling of relaxation, essential to overall balance.

o a hormone of pregnancy, birthing and lactation – oxytocin. BEST massage helps to maintain the level of oxytocin to support the child’s feelings of attachment and comfort;

o a growth hormone. BEST massage increases the level of growth hormone to promote cell division and is involved in tissue repair, regeneration and healing;

o We apply BEST massage, acupressure, reflexology and polarity therapy to reduce levels of a stress related hormone – cortisol returning the body and mind to a more balanced state. High levels of cortisol may cause sleep deprivation, anxiety, inflammation and aggression;

• We apply pressure to acupressure points to stimulate chi (the life force energy) and the production of endorphins. Not only do they relieve pain and discomfort commonly present in children with cerebral palsy and developmental disorders but they also produce euphoria and relaxation;

• We perform bio-energetic stretching and stereometric massage to overcome limitations of movements, such as those caused by spasticity in cerebral palsy, reduce psycho-emotional tension, and increase full range of motion and flexibility;

• We use polarity therapy to balance the body both physically and energetically causing relaxation which is essential to reduce spasticity.

In many cases alternative approaches have been scientifically proven to be less dangerous yet more effective than conventional medicine.

Detailed stats on treatment results of the past patients can be found HERE.


Treatment Examples:

Bio-energetic stretching of the feet and legs has effect on the lumbar portion of the spine
The second round of Zuev’s rolling: bending of the head, neck and back
Back massage


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