A breath of winter inevitably brings colds and flu. And now when we are in the midst the colds and flu season, we can’t help but ask how and if we can avoid getting sick. We at *Astra Natural Healing know the answer:

To common well-known facts and tips such as: keeping the premises frequently well-aired; washing hands often with soap and water; using hand sanitizers; getting plenty of sleep and rest; exercising, drinking plenty of fluids, and eating nutritious food (no starving and exhausting diets are allowed at the time of flu season), it would be nice to add:

 daily rinsing the nose with soap and water;
 drinking Rosehip tea, Licorice root tea and Echinacea tea;
 drinking green tea with lemon and honey;
 daily eating a clove of garlic

Colds and flu mostly hit those who do not exercise, don’t spend enough time outside, neglect to strengthen their immune system, or whose immune system is already compromised. It has been known that over-muffled babies fall ill more often. That is why in order to prevent getting sick first and foremost one must boost his or her immune system. Taking cold showers, pouring cold water over one’s feet or cold baths are three cheapest and easiest ways to stay healthy for both adults and children:

1) Taking cold showers over one’s entire body has always been the most effective method of boosting your natural defenses. It is simple and feels good, after you get used to it, and ideally should become part of your daily routine.

2) If the above is too hard for you, simply pour cold water on your feet for 1-2 minutes, beginning with the water’s temperature of 98.6°F (– 37°C ), then gradually lowering the temperature by one degree every 3-5 days, until you finally reach 64°F -72°F (18°C- 22°C). Repeat on a daily basis.

3) If you have small children, you may try cold water foot baths. First, run a bath with the cold water up to the ankle level, then put a child in the bath and let him stamp his feet in the cold water for a minute. Like above, you can start with the water’s temperature of 98.6°F (– 37°C ), then gradually lower it by one degree every 3-5 days, until you finally reach 64°F -72°F (18°C- 22°C). After the procedure, dry the child’s feet thoroughly and put the wool socks on to keep a child warm.

And finally, we’d like to introduce two lesser-known but extremely effective methods for preventing and treating colds & flu:

1) Engystol, produced by the German Company “Heel”, in ampules. Suggested use: put 2-3 drops in each nostril 3 times a day 3 days in the row; preferably at the onset of symptoms. Engystol can be bought at

2) Cut the garlic clove into tiny pieces. Apply the minced garlic pieces to a special point on each of your hands, called the acupuncture point Hegu – for 15 minutes once or twice a day 3 days in the row. The place for the acupuncture point Hegu is located between the index finger and thumb on the back of the hand.


To locate the acupoint Hegu put a thumb on top of the fleshy part between the thumb and forefinger of the opposite hand.

The easiest way to find the exact location of it is to squeeze your thumb into your index finger and the top of the “lump” created by the web is your spot.

Acupuncturists treat Hegu with needles, but minced garlic can be put there as well to help with colds and flu. Applying garlic to this point stimulates the immune system and thus is beneficial in treating all respiratory diseases as well as increasing the body resistance to colds and flu.

In the next blogpost we will talk more Engystol and how it works.

Use our recommendations and stay healthy. Happy holidays.