► BEST, Bio-Energetic System Therapy

Created by Eugene Zuev, a distinguished Russian developer of the theory and practice of natural healing. BEST is a highly effective treatment, based on a combination of traditional and innovative techniques.

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► Infant Developmental Alternative (IDEAL) Massage

IDEAL is an individualized combination of different treatment modalities such as Bio-Energetic System Therapy [BEST] techniques, classic infant massage, developmental exercises, reflexology, polarity therapy, and acupressure.

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► DENS-Therapy, Dynamic ElectroNeuroStimulation

DENS-Therapy, Dnyamic ElectroNeuroStimulation or electrodynamic reflexotherapy, presents a modern, highly effective method of restoration of injured, perverted, diminished or lost functions of organism; based on self-regulation of physiological processes and formation of biochemical constellations aimed at mobilization of potential adaptable mechanisms of human organism.

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► Hydrotherapy

Individually selected and recommended for children with motor disorders and developmental delays associated with cerebral palsy hydrotherapy includes baths (hot, warm, cold, saline, herbal), contrast sitz hip baths, cold foot baths, cold friction rubs, cold body wrap, cold arm wrap and cold leg wrap.

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► Homeopathy

The role of homeopathy is not only to competently select the remedy for a child with cerebral palsy, but also to reveal the roots of the disease, to figure out the connections between mother’s situation, delusions, dreams, fears, hobbies, maternal mental/emotional state, her general health during the pregnancy, and the infant’s condition.

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► Exercise Programs

Exercise is an effective therapeutic agent for the maintenance and rehabilitation of musculo-skeletal and neurological disorders.

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► Herbal Therapy

Herbal therapy is essential to treatment, aided by specialized BEST massage, homeopathy, hydrotherapy and DENS-therapy. Herbs help to restore harmony and balance, thus enabling the body’s natural healing mechanisms to work more efficiently. All herbal remedies are selected individually according to each patient needs.

Medical professionals try to eliminate risks due to use of herbs or homeopathic remedies, hydrotherapy or exercise programs, which negative effects are minimal in comparison with side effects of conventional pharmaceutical drugs.


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