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BEST, Bio-Energetic System Therapy is created by Eugene Zuev, a distinguished Russian developer of the theory and practice of natural healing. BEST is a highly effective treatment, based on a combination of traditional and innovative techniques.

They include:

Classic Therapeutic Massage

Bio-Energetic Stretching comprises manual passive and self-stretching, dynamic longitudinal, diagonal, and therapist-assisted somersault (Zuev’s rolling). This therapy is effective in overcoming limitations of movements, such as those caused by spasticity in cerebral palsy, reducing psycho-emotional tension, and increasing full range of motion and flexibility.

Stereometric Massage is carried out for therapeutic-diagnostic purposes by drawing various geometric figures on the patient’s body. This technique uses both physical contact and contact-less methods involving the entire body’s energy system. Stereometric massage releases muscular tension along with mental and emotional restrictions and restores circulation, and helps to improve overall health by making the patient a partner in his healing process.

There are three principal variations of the stereometric massage: face stereometric massage, body stereometric massage, and stereometric auriculotherapy (ear stereometric massage). The hands-on manipulations used in stereometric massage are not limited to classical massage techniques like gliding and friction. They also include alternative modalities such as therapeutic touch, acupressure, reflexology, and polarity therapy.

Bio-energetic Pinch Effect (BEPE) Massage is aimed at the mobilization of the body’s own resources and involving a patient in his healing process. BEPE is performed impulsively by gliding strokes and pressure applied to hypersensitive trigger points.

Therapeutic Touch



Polarity Therapy consists of specific manipulations aimed at releasing tension and creating energy balance in the patient’s body which creates a support ecosystem for enabling and accelerating the healing process.


Treatment Examples:

Therapist-assisted somersault (Zuev’s rolling): stretching of the feet and legs is the first round of the rolling
Restorative face massage with acupressure
Polarity therapy: balancing and harmonizing body energy


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