DENS Services


DENS-Therapy – Dynamic Electro-Neuro-Stimulation – presents a modern, highly effective method of restoring injured, perverted, diminished or lost functions of organism, based on using a multifunctional device – DiaDENS (Diadynamic Electro Neuro Stimulator).

DiaDENS provides the diagnostics of the most sensitive zones of impact and helps each patient individually. It can cure not only acute conditions (injury, severe or slight pain, burns, asthma attacks etc.), but chronic conditions (chronic back pain, acid reflux, stroke after-effects etc.) as well.

Therapeutic effects of Dens- therapy include:
• pain relief or/and pain elimination
• improving blood circulation
• causing muscle relaxation
• reducing swelling
• decreasing inflammation
• bringing down fever
• boosting immunity
• providing hormonal and biochemical normalization
• tissue repair, wound healing and stopping bleeding

Using Dens-therapy along with BEST massage and other alternative methods significantly improves our treatment outcomes, especially in children with special needs.



IMPORTANT: The Earlier We Begin Treatment, the Better Our Results


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