Hydrotherapy Services


Hydrotherapy includes baths (hot, warm, cold, saline, herbal), contrast sitz hip baths, cold foot baths, cold friction rubs, cold body wrap, cold arm wrap and cold leg wrap. The treatment is individually selected and recommended for children with motor disorders and developmental delays associated with cerebral palsy.

In general, hot water is relaxing and cold water is stimulating. Contrast therapies by alternating hot and cold applications have a powerful effect on circulation. They speed healing by delivering a greater supply of oxygen and nutrients in the blood to the injured area. As we know severe oxygen deprivation to the brain is one of the causes of Cerebral Palsy.

Hydrotherapy is used for localized conditions and also – for diseases that affect the entire body. Hydrotherapy is easy and cheap, and simple hydrotherapy treatments require no special equipment and are ideal for home use.



IMPORTANT: The Earlier We Begin Treatment, the Better Our Results


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