Case Presentation Oleg



Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy

Before Treatment
Age: 3 months old
After 2 Months of Treatment
Age: 9 months old
After 4 Years, 5 Months of Treatment
Age: 5 years old


o Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy
o Diagnosed Age: 3 months old
o History: right hemiplegia, spasticity, motor delay, abnormal persistence of infantile reflexes, and hyperreflexia on the right side


Age at Treatment Start: 7 months old

Full Treatment Course: 4 years 5 months, including
o Short courses (9-11 sessions) of the restorative and balancing outpatient therapy
o The rehabilitation period with home exercise and massage program between outpatient treatment courses

Intensive Outpatient Therapy: Bio-Energetic System Therapy [BEST] techniques, developmental exercises, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, herbal therapy, reflexology and polarity therapy


The most interesting after the first course of the outpatient treatment was the magic stimulus to his psycho-motor development: he began to roll-over from his belly to back and from the back to the belly. Spasticity was diminished. Muscle tone in the right side of the body was considerably decreased by the eleventh session. A hyperactive grasp reflex keeping his right hand in a tight fist was eliminated. He was able to walk, use his right hand, his energy improved, and he felt better overall. His symptoms were decreased to one-fifth or even less.



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