Case Presentation Olga



Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy

Before Treatment
Age: 4 months old
After Long-Term Treatment
Age: 8 years old


o Diagnosis: Cerebral Palsy
o Diagnosed Age: 4 months old
o History: right hemiplegia, spasticity, motor delay, abnormal persistence of infantile reflexes, and hyperreflexia on the right side


Age at Treatment Start: 4 months old

Full Treatment Course: 14 months, including
o Short courses (9-11 sessions) of the restorative and balancing outpatient therapy
o The rehabilitation period with home exercise and massage program between outpatient treatment courses

Intensive Outpatient Therapy: Bio-Energetic System Therapy [BEST] techniques, developmental exercises, homeopathy, hydrotherapy, herbal therapy, reflexology and polarity therapy


The girl’s condition was strikingly changed by the fourth session. She began to smile more, to react more adequately to massage, to hold her head properly in vertical position lying on her stomach, began to roll-over from her belly first to side then to back. Eventually, spasticity was diminished. Muscle tone in the right side of the body was considerably decreased by the eleventh session. A hyperactive grasp reflex keeping her right hand in a tight fist was eliminated. She began to use her arms and legs symmetrically.

After the first course of the treatment was completed the girl was seen by a pediatrician and a neurologist. The specialists were so surprised by the girl’s condition that they even began to question whether or not this child had cerebral palsy.

We continued the girl’s treatment, and she was growing and developing according to her age, i.e. timing of common age-related activities such as sitting, crawling, standing, walking, and manipulating small objects was about normal. At 12 months she began to speak simple words. At the age of 18 months the symptoms of spasticity completely disappeared. The next appointment with the neurologist turned to be a triumph: the diagnosis of CP was removed!



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