Case Presentation Tanya




Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder

After 1 Year of Treatment
Age: 4 years old


o Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorder
o Diagnosed Age: 24 months old
o History: profound impairment in social interaction and communication, lack of eye contact, inflexibility, rigid fearful body posture, and stereotyped patterns of behavior.


Age at Treatment Start: 3 years old

Full Treatment Course: 14 months, including
o Short courses (9-11 sessions) of the restorative and balancing outpatient therapy
o 2 courses (20 sessions) of hyperbaric oxygen therapy
o The rehabilitation period with home exercise and massage program between outpatient treatment courses

Intensive Outpatient Therapy: Bio-Energetic System Therapy [BEST] techniques, hyperbaric oxygen therapy, special diet, candida treatment, homeopathy, herbal therapy, reflexology and polarity therapy


The girl’s behavior was drastically changed after a year of our treatment. She began to react more adequately to massage, to communicate easier and even developed new skills in social interaction. She displayed joy, impressed us by reciting short children poems and showed off her dance moves. We also noticed the changes in her facial expressions, body posture and body language. When she came for visits, she smiled all the time and came for a hug. After one year of our intensive treatment she made a complete recovery based on the neurological assessment.

Unfortunately the photograph of Tanya before treatment is not available because her parents felt uncomfortable to let us make a picture of their frightened crying little daughter at the first visit. However, her photograph after treatment shows a healthy happy smiling 4-year-old girl.




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