The *Astra approach program consists of two steps:

STEP 1: The restorative and balancing treatment. This step includes BEST massage and DENS-therapy. These treatments are complemented by herbal therapy, hydrotherapy, homeopathic treatment and special exercises on an as-needed basis.

Each course lasts 9 to 11 sessions.

We do not use orthotics, correction suits, treadmills, lever devices, cycling devices, vibroextensors or any other correcting equipment. Instead, we use BEST as our primary technique to speed up not only child’s motor development, but also language development and social/emotional development.

We involve the child in the healing process by making him work hard as we apply bio-energetic stretching, stimulate hyperirritable trigger points through BEPE (Bio-energetic Pinch Effect Massage), conduct stereometric massage, or DENS-therapy.

The *Astra’s approach creates an environment in which the self-healing powers of the child can strengthen and function successfully.

STEP 2: The rehabilitation period promotes self-regulation of physiological processes and mobilization of potential adaptable mechanisms of the child’s organism.

This step is carried out at home as the parents follow exercise and massage routines prescribed by our professionals. We recommend the patient start the next course of the restorative and balancing treatment after two to three months of the rehabilitation period.

*Astra early intervention program: The *Astra early intervention program is oriented at very young kids, as early as a few weeks old. The reason is simple: the earlier we start the treatment, the better results we get.

Why does it work better? Cerebral palsy is usually caused by prenatal, perinatal, or postnatal damage of the child’s brain. Because we influence the child’s nervous system, muscles, internal organs, and even genes in order to help him achieve his developmental milestones and master his skills appropriate for his age, it is easier to do so while his central nervous system is immature and still developing. That is why the condition can be successfully treated if we start the therapy at an early age: the earlier, the better.

Our role, as professionals, is to educate and encourage parents not to give up and to help them start their child’s treatment while there is still hope and results can be achieved.



The cornerstone of our treatment is a special BEST massage which accelerates the psycho-motor development not only of children with special needs, but also of healthy children. Our proprietary Infant Development Alternative (IDEAL) Massage is an individualized combination of different adapted massage techniques for infants such as:

• Therapeutic touch, gliding and friction techniques
• Classic infant massage
• Developmental exercises
• Bio-energetic stretching, causing relaxation and increasing full range of motion and flexibility
• Reflexology which addresses internal organs and glands as well as muscle groups, bones, and nerves via all of the points on both feet, hands and ears
• Acupressure – applying physical pressure to acupuncture points
• Energy-balancing strategies with polarity therapy – a simple, gentle, effective and safe method of treatment for deep healing relaxation, applicable to many health problems


How our massage is different: A classic infant massage typically improves his sleeping patterns, helps with digestion, balances respiration, boosts his immune system, relieves colicky pains, and improves skin condition & blood circulation.

Our massage not only has all of the same benefits, but also helps with:

• accelerating your infant’s psycho-motor development
• harmonizing his/her sensory system
• preventing rickets
• relieving some of the child’s soothing pains caused by gas and congestion and also bringing down fever and easing teething pains by applying gentle pressure and strokes to different parts of the body improving your child’s acid reflux (GERD) reducing or eliminating your child’s vesicoureteral reflux (VUR) – the retrograde flow of urine from the bladder to the kidneys


You can start the massage as early as at 2-3 weeks after birth, 2 times a day. We recommend that the first course of 11 massage sessions for your child be done at our center, at least 2 times a week. Only then you can continue at home, after you learn our technique. It would be reasonable to repeat the course in 2 months, and/or to repeat afterwards as much as needed through the whole first year.


IMPORTANT: The Earlier We Begin Treatment, the Better Our Results

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