To tell the truth, before my acquaintance with Drs. Peter Ksenuk and Anna Yampolsky I have been rather skeptical about the effectiveness of alternative approaches to treating diseases. My daughter Marsha was diagnosed with cerebral palsy since she was 5 months old. She was noted to have asymmetric use of her arms and hyperreflexia on the right side.

Astra Natural Healing is a godsend to my daughter. After 6 months of intensive treatment the symptoms were considerably reduced.”

Ross Berman, DMD, New York

Our son, Daniel, was diagnosed with cerebral palsy since 8-month-old. We were told that our child could reduce some symptoms but not eliminate them. Drs. Peter Ksenuk and Anna Yampolsky gave us faith that our child would be saved from this awful illness. We have witnessed the dramatic elimination of spasticity and hemiplegia in our son. We recommend to anyone seeking cure from cerebral palsy to see Drs. Ksenuk and Yampolsky.

Gabor and Eva F., Budapest, Hungary

…with her natural and heart approach to the patient’s treatment Anna always longed for getting effective results, was not scared to start treating the most difficult cases. I admire Dr. Anna Yampolsky not only as an excellent diagnosis maker and a very creative developer of new treatment methods, but a psychologically flexible person and a charming woman as well…

Yuri Kamenev, MD, PhD
Director General of St. Petersburg Zalmanov Medical Center
Professor of Internal Medicine
Professor of Alternative Medicine
St. Petersburg, Russia

…intelligence, strong professional skills, creativity, readiness for self-sacrifice, and inclination for whole heartiness – these are qualities of Peter’s nature, basis of relations with the patients and colleagues. A talented homeopath, Dr. Peter Ksenuk is among those physicians who have elevated homeopathy to a new level in practice of integrative medicine…

Inna Zelikman, MD, PhD
Ex-Vice President of Ukrainian Homeopathic Society
Member of International Homeopathic Association
Holon, Israel

My daughter, Linda, has been suffering from an extremely debilitating disease – cerebral palsy since her birth. Prognosis was not encouraging. Dr. Anna Yampolsky gave us hope offering the powerful alternative technique which saved my child. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, Dr. Yampolsky!

Lisa N., Stockholm, Sweden

Astra Natural Healing treatment method has integrated homeopathy, herbal medicines, hydrotherapy, and specialized BEST massage, creating a unique natural healing approach that gives remarkable results. Alternative modalities practiced by Drs. Peter Ksenuk and Anna Yampolsky helped my child be more functional.

Bell Schwartz, Pharmacist, Massachusetts

…I have no doubt in my mind that Dr. Peter Ksenuk is the wonderful doctor, conscientious, compassionate, and dedicated which I always wished to have. I had tried many prescription medicines for my depression with no positive results. After I was treated by Dr. Ksenuk the depression left me…

Jason Nichols, Lynn, MA


IMPORTANT: The Earlier We Begin Treatment, the Better Our Results

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